Friday, October 24, 2014

Campus Celebrates Official Reopening of the Chan Shun Science Centre

Faculty, staff and students gathered in front of the Chan Shun Science Centre Friday afternoon, October 24 to celebrate the official reopening of the facility that was damaged by an explosion, small fire and water October 8, 2013.  "Even though we have been using this all of this building since the start of this school year, it is right and fitting that we have set aside this special time to gather and officially reopen this important space," said President Mark Haynal during his remarks.

Haynal said the occasion of reopening the science centre brought to mind two important truths and asked students to remember them each time they entered the Chan Shun Science Centre.  First, even though what happened to the building a year ago was devastating and disruptive, by patiently working together through the difficult situation the building we now have is better than the one we had before the incident.  "Each of you will go through great challenges at some point in your life," said Haynal, "but if you and your community tackle them with courage and determination you will come through those challenges a better person."

"Our science centre is also celebrating its 20th birthday this year," said Haynal.  "For 20 years this building has been a place where students prepared themselves for lives of service in medicine, dentistry, and other healing professions," said Haynal.  "Every time you enter this building, I ask that you commit yourself to a life of doing good, a life of being of service to others."

Dr. Bruce Buttler, Dean of the Division of Science thanked the students for their patience and adaptability during the time they did not have access to the science centre.  Student Association President Nisha Johny thanked the faculty and administration, on behalf of the students, for restoring the science centre, making it even better than it was prior to the explosion.

Following a prayer by Chaplain Adam Deibert, Dr. Haynal, Dr. Buttler and Nisha Johny cut the ribbon and officially reopened the building.  Students then swarmed in to enjoy refreshments and the opportunity to win one of two $500 scholarships awarded to commemorate the occasion.

The reopening ceremony was planned and presented by Rhanda Bonet-Graham from the Office of Advancement and Bonita Campbell, administrative assistant for the Division of Science.