Thursday, September 11, 2014

479 Students Register for Classes at CUC

This year's opening enrolment is 479, down from last year's opening figure of 543.  These students come to CUC from the following locations:
  • 201 from Alberta/NW Territories/Nunavut
  • 101 from Ontario
  • 72 from British Columbia
  • 39 from the United States
  • 21 from Quebec
  • 15 from Manitoba/Saskatchewan
  • 15 from Countries other than the United States and Canada
  • 15 from Nova Scotia/New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island
The number of students classified as being in year 4 increased slightly from 87 last year to 105 this year.  The number of students classified as being in year 1 decreased from 212 last year to 138 this year.  As it has been for at least five consecutive years, females slightly outnumber males 248 to 231.

Of CUC's various degree programs, the one with the most students in it is the Bio-Medical Track of the 4-year Bachelor of Science degree with 64.  The number of students in the Behavioural Science, Religious Studies, Outward Pursuits and Wellness Management programs has increased.

"While our data analysis in February led us to budget for a reduction in enrolment, we were not expecting this large of a decrease," said President Mark Haynal.  "As we do each year, we are very carefully evaluating our enrolment data to determine why there was a decrease and what adjustments we need to make."